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Polymastia and Areola Hair
Posted on 06-18-2011

Seven percent of baby girls are born with polymastia. This means "many breasts," having one or more extra nipples. The most usual site is directly under one breast, but they can be anywhere in a line down the abdomen. A woman with polymastia has a one in five chance that it will occur in her daughter. Baby boys are also born with this condition, though it is more rare. The reason for polymastia is still a mystery.

In a few cases, an extra nipple is not noticed. More often, it is mistaken for a freckle or a mole (especially in men with hairy chests). Polymastia causes no health problems in most cases, though the nipple can be stimulated by childbirth and start to produce milk. Like uneven breast size, some women enjoy their extra nipple; others do not. In the latter case, one option is surgical removal. Another is to mask, it with heavy makeup.

Areola Hair

After puberty, hair follicles in the areola start to produce a few wispy hairs. The nipples themselves are hairless. (This can be more clearly seen in men with non hairy chests.) As time passes, a few more hairs can appear. It is thought that the birth control pill might stimulate the growth, but this is not proven. Breast hairs tend to be fine and hardly noticeable. The following options are for women with a heavier growth, or those who wish to remove them anyway:

Tweezers: Tweezing is quick, easy, and cost free. But the hair can grow back under the skin, parallel to the breast. If this occurs, sterilize a needle and tweak the tip free. Avoid tweezing again until the small area of skin has healed.

Depilatories and Waxing: There is no sting with a depilatory cream; waxing can hurt. Breast skin is soft and delicate; tugging to pull away hair may seem like a harsh option. Make sure neither product gets anywhere near the nipple openings.

Shaving: Contrary to myth, shaving does not make the hair grow back more thickly. But it does grow back stubbly, which can look unattractive and feel unappealing.

Electrolysis: This is permanent removal of unwanted hair. A fine needle, with an electric current running through it, is inserted into the hair follicle and destroys the root so the hair does not grow again. That is the theory. In practice, the healing process can be over helpful. It can rush to repair the damaged follicle, which then starts to sprout another hair. Swelling, inflammation, infection or scarring is rare, but do happen. It depends upon factors such as: skin type and its healing properties, general body resistance to infection, and whether the skin type is easily scarred or not. It also depends upon the hygiene standards of the operator. Check these very carefully. In the era of AIDS, take extra precautions over any procedure which involves the use of needles. Electrolysis is not only costly but, as only a few hairs can be treated at one visit, it is also time consuming. Both these considerations put the procedure in the luxury class for many women.

Keep in mind that none of the above methods can be recommended because none have yet been researched for negative side effects.

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